Apparently small, actually professional

Elektra is the results of a careful research made by a group of cleanness and innovation lovers. It represents the last solution of modern multifunction cleaners.

It has the functions of 5 electrical appliances in one: it sucks, washes, dries, sanitizes and irons.






This very special machine is powerful and ecologic, it does not need any filters or bags, which must be changed very frequently. Elektra makes good use of the natural properties of the water to guarantee the hygiene and cleanness. Thanks to its small overall dimensions, it is very easy to handle.







The products

Plus, Automatic and Basic have been created to meet any kind of customer needs. Plus version is suitable for professional cleaning. Automatic is the multi functional machine combining green cleaning with professional ironing. Basic is a powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner with an additional wash and dry function to clean surfaces through water and detergent.


Elektra Plus Automatic Basic
Power Jet YES
Automatic refilling YES YES
Cold wash and dry YES


  • It cleans the air
  • Water filter and molecular separator to gain an effective air cleaning.
  • It washes, it sanitizes
  • Steam, ready to be used in less than 3 minutes, assures a very good hygiene.
  • Vacuum
  • Without bags or filters to change, the suction power stays always at high levels.
  • It sucks liquids
  • The tank is so capacious to hold almost 6 litres and it allows a longer work.
  • It irons
  • The powerful jet of steam (4,5 bar) guarantees a professional level ironing.

Genuine Made in Italy All our products are exclusively made in Italy, in compliance with CE Rules, using Italian components, in order to ensure the maximum reliability, efficiency and service life.